Achieving Financial Freedom

through Emotional Mastery

What is this?

The Ecstatic Sales Experience is a live, online 12-week intensive designed to transform how you think and feel about yourself, your clients and the sales process. Incorporating metaphysics and neuroscience, the Ecstatic methodology gives participants the tools they need to reprogram their brains and regulate their nervous systems for greater personal freedom, creative flow and productivity.


The course covers the “inner” mindset work of overcoming limiting beliefs and the “outer” work of practical skills development.

Who is this for?

The Ecstatic Sales Experience is for anyone who wants to take their sales performance to the next level.


By tapping into the Universal Principles of Human Consciousness and Connection, the course will inspire even the most veteran of sales professionals, but also gives up-and-coming talent a practical roadmap for sales success. While the program includes traditional practices like meditation, members of all faith backgrounds (including “non-spiritual”) will feel safe and included in the program.

The Ecstatic Sales Experience is ideal for sales professionals who want to take their commissions to the next level and entrepreneurs who are still closing their own deals. 


The Core Curriculum is designed to teach the fundamentals of sales that are universal to every sales experience.

Why this?

In 2011, Caitlin Cogan Doemner started her sales recruitment & management business ( terrified of sales. The idea of having to leave a voicemail made her nauseous. Despite her MBA, she had failed in numerous entrepreneurial endeavors previously and discovered the problem:  She didn’t know how to sell.


Since then, her company and the sales teams they’ve built have generated tens of millions of dollars for coaching industry leaders like Deepak Chopra, Ali Brown, Mastin Kipp, and Fabienne Fredrickson. Her personal record is closing over $2.5M in coaching sales in less than 12 months. She’s now passionate about sales, calling it “an act of love and service,” and the fastest path to financial freedom.


Our mission is to teach Lightworkers how to make money, and connect Money-Chasers back to their Light.

How does it work?

Starting January 5, 2023, participants will receive 12 weekly sales trainings (the Core Curriculum). They will be assigned to a small “Coaching Cohort” for weekly accountability calls, and they will track their progress daily in our Magic Minute App.


In addition participants have the option of going through a variety of “Electives” (mini-courses teaching specific tactics) at their own pace.

The Pre-Work

The following is included in the Ecstatic Sales Course work:

The Ecstatic Way™ Mental Framework

The foundational 3-Part methodology we use to identify and shift limiting beliefs

Values-Aligned Goal Setting

Our 5-Step process of seeing a Vision, setting a Target, tracking Metrics, keeping Micro-Commitments, and shifting Identity to achieve previously impossible goals

Key Performance Indicators

Utilize our 9 KPIs or select your own industry-specific metrics to celebrate progress


5 Stages of the Self-Perpetuating Sales Flywheel

  • Engage

  • Educate

  • Enroll

  • Evaluate

  • Endorse

6 Mindset Principles of Transformative Sales

Fall in love with Yourself

Fall in love with your Client

Fall in love with Results & Systems

Fall in love with Numbers & Accountability

Fall in love with Money

Fall in love with Action


15 - 60 minute video trainings on the following topics:


Sales Script

My $2.5M Coaching Sales Script - and Why it Works!



No clients? No problem! How to Close 3 High-Ticket Sales without a List or Clear Offer


CORE Offer

Your C.O.R.E. Offer: The 3 Elements of an Irresistible High-End Scalable Package


Buying Personalities

Decode the Four Buying Personalities & Speak Their Language



Generate Leads without Advertising



The Four Pillars of Multichannel Marketing for B2B


Finding Network

Building a Six-Figure Referral Network



Customer Relationship Management: Flowcharting your Systems & Tools

Where and When will calls take place?

Coaching Cohorts will be offered at various times to accommodate as many time zones as possible. If your assigned cohort time is not convenient for you, you can request an alternative cohort.

What is the Investment?

How do I get started? Click the sign up button below to submit your $1,000 non-refundable deposit and you will get instant access to "LEADING THE SALE" - A binge-worthy 5-hour video sales training course for high-ticket service providers. You can choose to (1) recruit more friends, (2) continue on the payment plan, or (3) pay the balance in full within 30 days

$3000 (USD) for Individuals

2024 NEW YEAR SPECIAL Only $997


What do past attendees have to say about the Learning Sales from Caitlin?

Even after 12 years in business, I felt like I was still struggling to overcome my clients' objections and teach my team how to do the same. Establishing systems to consistently close deals is an area of my business where I can ALWAYS improve my skills. Now, after participating in Caitlin’s sales program, we're now reaching a new level of close rates! We closed 80% of our sales during the sales course and had a record breaking month in March! I'm now training my staff with our new skills and anticipate we'll easily break a half million this year.

Scott Roewer,

The Organising Agency

Caitlin is the REAL DEAL. She's a diamond in the rough of charming small business sales & marketing people. I was skeptical that she could even do what she said she could do, but along the way I have learned to jump out of my comfort zone (it's absolutely real!) and breathe. Caitlin does what she says she's going to do; she's an honest and truly gifted business woman, and kind, compassionate partner.

Laura Labovich,

The Career Strategy Group

We love Caitlin! Before working with her, I was doing all my sales sessions myself and wondering how I could expand the position to hire others and create a team. Caitlin's coaching showed me how to sharpen my selling skills, while creating a system to manage and hire others. She made it easy and fun. My sales have increased and I have the confidence to train others to do the same. Thank you, Caitlin!

Helen Chang,

Author Bridge Media

I have been in sales for over 35 years and yours is the most heart centered sales training I have ever encountered. I wish I had had this training 35 years ago when I started my 22 year real estate career or even ten years ago when I started a new career in health coaching! This is such a valuable course! I am so impressed with how you are able to break down the entire sales process so clearly. I especially love how you train and model how to continually love your prospects and clients and seemingly wrap your soul around them, even while on the phone!

Dyann Lyon,

Whole Health By Design

Your Instructor


Caitlin Cogan Doemner

is founder & CEO of and author of the upcoming book, "The Ecstatic Way." After studying at Oxford University and getting her MBA from Biola University, Caitlin Doemner launched a sales management company which generated over $11M in new revenue for its clients in its first 8 years. She has published multiple books, including “The Unseen Sales Machine” and “Sell with Heart.” She is currently traveling the world with her husband and three kids.

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